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Why DDLR Token?

We have three main reasons:

1- To support Diosdelared 3.0 Project.
2- To be used as community main token.
3- To reward users and holders.

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What is Diosdelared?

IT Independent Community Security - Software - Design

We love what we do

Growing up to magnificence

We want to be #1 global IT community

What can you expect?

Diosdelared is meant to be a place to express yourself, share knowledge, learn IT, overcome challenges and develop skills, getting rewarded, united in community.
IT forums, indexed blogs, challenges, certified courses, project offers and much more! Diosdelared 2.0 was just the beggining of this project. We are here to make it better, to make it global, to make it safer!

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Diosdelared 2.0


Beta announced


In rewards we trust!


Hodl rewards

Grow your stack just holding. 8%

Contract will distribute 8% of each transaction as a reward to the holders.


Support Project

Help us to make it happen. 5%

We will use the support tax to develop the new framework, design and marketing.


Liquidity Pool

Auto add Liquidity Pool. 3%

The 3% tax for liquidity will be automaticaly added to PancakeSwap pool by contract.


Locked liquidity

Five years lock. 5Y

Liquidity will be locked for five years and more will be provided when needed.


Frozen Tokens

Maximum annual unlock. 4Y

Initial release 10%, remainder as needed with a max of 20% per year to provide liquidity.


Token Burning

Burn as unfreeze. 4Y

While tokens are thawed the 10% of total ammount will be burned to deflate the market price.

timing is important

Road Map

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Q1 Website Launch Tokens Website Deploy Deploy contract at BSC Social networks Create and promote networks Liquidity Set BNB liquidity pool Get Listed Get listed at coin trackers
Q2 Swap More Set liquidity in other tokens Lock Liquidity Lock DDLR/BNB liquidity for 5 years PRIV8 Beta Launch DDLR 3.0 private Beta Meet Again re-incorporate members and staff Marketing Launch marketing campaign
Q3 Defrost and Burn Unfreeze and burn 10% of total supply NFT Network Create and deploy NFT network OPEN Beta Launch DDLR 3.0 open Beta Marketing Launch second campaign 1st Airdrop Bigger whales reward in BNB
Q4 DDLR 3.0 First stable release Wallet Create DDLR own multi-token Wallet Swap Develop DDLR own swap Network Blockchain Design specialized blockchain And More Way more to come

Feel free to ask anything

Proudly made in LATAM

Argentina, Latin America, Planet Earth